How Microsoft cloud technology and co-innovation approach are driving business value for customers across industry

Written by Judson Althoff  Regardless of industry, digital transformation and adoption of digital tools at scale are among the most strategic decisions any organization can make and can have lasting impact on business outcomes. At the same time, digital technology must be the servant of business outcomes, allowing organizations to realize efficiencies across their business, harness data to deliver differentiated

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Azure Front Door enhances secure cloud CDN with intelligent threat protection

The Internet is the new corporate network and the fabric that connects users, devices, and data to applications of all types. It is foundational to how organizations run their businesses, engage their customers, conduct commerce, operate their supply chain, and enable their employees to work from anywhere.


New tools can help boost wellbeing and soothe unexpected stresses of working from home

Six months into the pandemic, working at home has become routine for many people — but at a cost. For Kamal Janardhan, it’s a loss of afternoon tea breaks when she used to chat with co-workers. For Shamsi Iqbal, it’s a lack of time to focus between endless video calls and parental duties. For Charles Morris, it’s the blurring of

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