Today! Get in the The availability of Cloud services is increasing and the team at JP Marshall Associates are excited by the opportunities that the range of services provide for our clients. Our teams are trained and experienced in a number of key cloud capabilities and can help our clients to implement cloud services within their busy business environments. Cloud

The availability of Cloud services is increasing and the team at JP Marshall Associates are excited by the opportunities that the range of services provide for our clients:

  • Vastly Increased capabilities than traditional software.
  • Templated set up and user administration, reducing the need for expensive technical resources.
  • High availability of service backed by stringent service level agreement and 24 x 7 vendor support

Our teams are trained and experienced in a number of key cloud capabilities and can help our customers implement cloud services within their environment including:

  • Contracting with vendor for service sign up
  • Migration of data in to the service
  • Configuration and management of client service in the cloud
  • Integration between cloud and on-premise services
  • Setup and management of ISP redundancy to ensure cloud is “always on”!

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They are the ultra-efficient star performers that can effortlessly dig up those important documents that are spread across multiple departments; complete proposals, reports and summaries, and provide solutions to help build your company – all before the lunch break! They are the ones that always seems to complete their projects on time.

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The ones that make statements like “we know the deadline is next week, but we finished early. The report is on your desk.”
Don’t you wish your entire organisation was as efficient as they are? Don’t you just hate it when your star performers are out of office and productivity slows down? If you don’t have team members and teams like that, don’t you wish you did?

Don’t worry Microsoft SharePoint server can help! SharePoint can help increase collaboration, efficiency and productivity across your organisation. Microsoft SharePoint Server an information management and sharing platform which includes document and record management, workflow, business process management framework and development all wrapped up into a tidy, efficient, easy-to-use platform.

Contact JP Marshall Associates to discuss how SharePoint can help improve efficiency and productivity in your organisation and how we can Implement Microsoft Sharepoint into your organization today.


By outsourcing your IT support to JP Marshall Associates, you will be ensuring optimum return on investment with minimum ‘IT waste’. With such flexibility, you will no longer have to rely just on internal IT delivery so your business can grow and adapt to market conditions faster and far more easily, as we adjust our service to suit your need.

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JP Marshall Associates offer end to end cloud computing services with strategic consulting to transform the way organisations leverage IT. The transformation to a cloud environment is a significant enterprise undertaking that has a tremendous impact on the way organizations operate and the way services are delivered to business users.

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We use a highly structured approach to establish your business needs, assess the underlying technology components (such as infrastructure, applications, processes, policies – just to name a few), and then deploy the appropriate cloud computing components to deliver reduced costs, enhanced agility, quick service delivery and improved scalability.

JP Marshall Associates Solution is architected to meet your specific IT requirements. What applications are you running? How much traffic are you generating? What are your requirements for Data? All these answers are specific to each Managed Cloud client and at JP Marshall Associates we deliver a solution unique to these requirements.

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We have built our Managed and Unmanaged Cloud solution using best of breed technologies from the leading IT infrastructure providers. We offer security and stability while freeing you from the burden that comes with managing on-premise enterprise IT environments. You are never alone in the cloud. Once your Cloud solution is live, we want to make it deliver real benefits for you.

Is your company ready? Transitioning your applications to the cloud can be a complex undertaking. Even with an experienced IT team, a slow implementation of your cloud strategy will delay time-to-market and time-to-revenue, and going too fast can often lead to improper cloud choices. Making the wrong cloud decisions at this stage can result in your organisation utilising public cloud services that might not be secure.

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Lack of a long-term cloud strategy, as well as immediate action plans, can sometimes result in the need for costly re-architecture and reintegration measures. In the absence of appropriate preparation, the risk of deployment and operation failure increases greatly. Integration of systems and applications required to automate provisioning and orchestration of the cloud may end up being slow and expensive.

At JP Marshall Associates, we offer a range of advisory and highly specialised consulting services to help you understand cloud readiness, governance, IT optimisation, data centre consolidation, and technology architecture.